OUR FRIENDSHIP is like gold to me , ever since it started in 1973 , I was in love with your sister and that’s all YOU saw , and that’s when YOU started calling me your brother – inlaw , but as time pasted your sister and I relationship didn’t last , but the bond of our friendship. grew stronger , and through the test of time it lasted longer , than any relationship that I have ever been in , and that’s just one good reason to have a ( REAL ) friend. OUR FRIENDSHIP – Our friendship is real , and I LOVE YOU for it ,from your head to your heals , from your good heart and your smile is where it starts. , to that twinkle in your eyes and your tongue that never tell me lies , YOU always make me feel secure , just like family stright from the door , OUR FRIENDSHIP — Some friends are in your life just for a season , and some friends are in your life for a real reason , and I’m glad you’ve been in my life during the duration , and didn’t fall off and disappear like you went on a long ass vacation.. ORIGINAL POEM by KEITH BARBOUR