It’s a competition for everything ,  to see who will be the first to buy their loved ones the most expensive things fast cars , and they drive them on the street as if they was NASCARs ,  and with no respect for the law , they don’t even use their blinker signals or horns  anymore , why ?  do they cost extra and do you have to buy them from a store?  luxurious homes , with seven bathrooms to sit on your throne , but why ? when there’s only two people that lives in that home , why? competition that’s why, just to say that  your not on my level, so don’t even try, ( FALL BACK)   

It’s a competition for everything , for the latest designer clothes , and the ice with the bling , and the hottest rappers for the lyrics that they sing , it’s a competition when you walk out your door , on your way to the store , to get your favorite item , before it won’t be anymore , so you have to get there first , because if someone beat’s you to it , you just might burst , ( FALL BACK) 

It’s a competition for everything , we have to be the first on the moon , the first in the Olympics , the first at this and the 1st at that , and the first one to buy Babe’s  Ruth baseball bat , we just have to be the first across the finish line , ((FALL BACK)  and take your time , all that competition will  have you stressed , and out of your mind , relax just being in the human race is competition enough , and trying to keep up with the Joneses and the Kardashians  will be rough , so ( FALL BACK) before you give yourself a heart attack !!! 

It’s a competition for everything , back in my day when you wanted to impress a girl , you have to have had a good rap , know how to dance or sing , and wear the sharpest clothes that money would bring , competition is born-and-bred , all over the world , because this is what we have been fed , but at some stage in life you have to ( FALL BACK) and stop being in a rush, to beat everybody else , because they might just be on their way to killing their self , so( FALL BACK( and play the hand that you was dealt 


Compassion is something you cannot buy , you can’t fake it or make it so don’t even try , it’s something that comes from deep inside , it’s loving and caring and not your Foolish Pride

COMPASSION – comes from the heart , a smile or a kind word is where it starts it’s caring for others and not necessarily your sister or brothers , but for people who are in need , for Hope and kindness to help them to succeed , kittens and puppies needs compassion also , to keep them alive so they can grow . 

COMPASSION – can go a long way in life , it can heal some wounds that felt like you’ve been cut with a knife , so don’t be evil and vengeful with hatred in your heart , be compassionate and give your life a healthy start .  


How should I say this best ???                  When the lids of my eyes , open and arise , your statuesque figure is a hunger surprise , your smooth chocolate complexion , gives my appetite and erection , and all I want to do , is to show you love and affection .


Compared to anything else , theirs no contest , your dark curly hair and alluring eyes , makes my flesh weak and I have to compromise , to your sensuous voice , that gives me no choice , I’m like a slave in a trance , ready to kiss, hug and dance , and dwell into romance.


The way you move is so effortless, like silk flowing in the wind , and to miss this vision would be a sin, your attire ,  it never expires , and if anyone tries to compare to it, they would burn like fire , you are my appetites desire , and the craving of your touch , just takes me higher , and the soft warm curvy place , just below your waist , oozes with honey that I love to taste , you are a smorgasbord of tasty treats ,  so yummy and sweet , that I have to go to the dentist for cavities in my teeth .


I need to put my appetite under arrest , because you look like my favorite dessert in that dress , a knife and fork ,  no I do not need it , to stick a fork in you , I cannot see it , I want to be your waiter and serve you up as my favorite dish , and lay you across my table and eat you like candy licorice , a napkin for my chin , no thanks , I think I’ll let the essence just soak in , and at that moment we emerge as one , and coming together is just so much fun …                                                  ORIGINAL POEM.                                                by.                                       KEITH BARBOUR…


Rember Me – In your hearts and minds, I was in your life throughout the Decades of time Remember Me – the way I used to make you smile and laugh when you was in the hospital and had that skin draft Remember Me – the way that I dance , and I would hold you in my arms with True Romance. Remember Me – on those cold winter days and I would warm your body like a Sun Ray. Remember Me – how we would go to the shows , and we all wore finest tailor-made clothes. Rember Me – My smile my laugh and my voice and if I were your friend you know you made the right choice . Rember Me – When you were lost and confused and running late for church and didn’t have your dues and you asked me to help you get through. Rember Me – On those hot summer days and I took you to the beach and we played in the waves. Rember Me- How you used to wait for me to come around , so I can throw you up in the air and spin you around. Rember Me- BECAUSE I’ll NEVER FORGET ALL OF YOU . ORIGINAL POEM BY KEITH BARBOUR


Many moons ago ,  when I was a kid I loved to play in the snow , I’d put on my hat and gloves and outside I would go , 2ft and 20 below ,  making sandcastles out of snow , my friends and I would block the street off , with  layers of snow , so that nothing could cross , then we will bring out the football and set it off.

Many moons ago , I was a young man with no plans , taking life for granted and just letting it slip through my hands , like tiny grains of sand , not stopping to smell the roses or to watch the grass grow , when it was too hot in the summer, I couldn’t wait for the snow , when it was cold in the winter , I wanted it to go .

Many moons ago , my body was young and strong , and I felt like a superhero , I could run fast and jump high , and do 100 pushups without a bad of an eye , to stay still, I nevered tryed !!! and now that those many moons have pasted, I’m looking forward to the future , for many moons to come , so I can reflect on many moons ago .                                                                     ORIGINAL POEM.                                                       by.                                               KEITH BARBOUR…


CATCH ME – If you can , trying to catch me,  is like trying to catch the wind , How can you catch something that you can not see ? It will take an eternity , maybe you think you can catch me while I’m sleep, but I will hear your Footprints upon  the concrete.

CATCH ME – If you can , after a long hard week , maybe you think you can catch me on the weekend , when I’m chillin , with one of my friends , because that’s when you think I’ll be slipping , stop Trippin , you might as well get to Dippin , and move on, because in a bat of and eye I will be gone .

CATCH ME – If you can , you can use anet, a rope , or a giant rubber band, or pave a path in quicksand , none of that will catch me man , so you might think you can catch me on my cell phone , but my answering machine will come on and say there’s no one home , so now you use your GPS , and the signal from the tower is a mess , it led you to an elephant at the circus wearing a dress , so now you think you might catch me , with the aroma of my favorite food , but I already ate , I’m full., I’m not in the mood , so money and sex is your last option , you might as well put them on the side and set them up for an adoption , and you went through all of that and you’re not even close or near , all you had to do was to ask me , ( to come here) .haha I LOVE POETRY !!!                                                                             ORIGINAL POEM.                                                   by.                                                  KEITH BARBOUR…  

MAN UP !!!

What happen to the men today ? I see a lot of them want to be sweet and gay , wearing tight pants and drinking a latte , eyebrows Arched and with lipgloss on , this wasn’t the way that you were born , please don’t get me wrong but to each his own , but I thought men was supposed to be Kings of the castle and Rule from their Thrones ,  I see more of men’s butts out in public then I do see females , I’m just calling it as I see it in detail , it’s not enough men raising our boys ,  it’s the females , and I know that they are trying their best , but men have to stand up , and stop this mess .


And do your part , and take care of your responsibilities from the heart, too many of our young boys are taking the wrong path , the news the newspapers and the prison system shows a graph , that are young boys are not growing up to be men , you do the math .


And help each other out , pulling our resources together is what it is about , instead of being greedy and want everything for yourself , greed, jealous,and envious people will never have any good wealth , take your time and talk to a young man , teach him some Morrow’s so he will understand , what it is to be a real.                             ( MAN)                                            ORIGINAL POEM.                                                       by.                                        KEITH BARBOUR…