My Walk Through LIFE

As I walk through life , I see my people in despair, and tens of people pass them like they’re not even there, and the ones that do see them they don’t even care, while little kids stop to stare, wondering how did they get there, but when I see my people in despair ,I hold my head up to the sky and send them a prayer .

My Walk Through LIFE. As I walk through life and see married couples , man and wife , I wonder will they stay together for the rest of their life ??? And when times get hard , will they think twice ?? And in the next 20 years will they still treat each other as nice ?

My Walk Through LIFE. As I walk through life. , and here are teenagers talk , I see why everyday on the news there are bodies traced in chalk , As I walk through life , I have to be on guard everyday , because I don’t know when four or more cops are coming my way , and want to beat me down because I bought a loose cigarette that day. ORIGINAL POEM by KEITH BARBOUR…



Thanksgiving is a time to remember what you are thankful for , family friends and loved ones and so much more , like the roof over your head and the carpet on your floor , and the food that my lady cooks , that makes your taste buds craves for more , turkey , ham and greens , while you’re watching football on your TV screen , macaroni and cheese and some more sweet potatoes please !!! Cranberries string beans and pumpkin pies all dancing around before your very eyes , biscuits , gravy and green olives to , with stuffing that smells good what are you going to do ? Spreaded out all over the table just for you , but most of all being alive and well with you , is a blessing and this is true , so this is what I would like for you to do , remember the people the places and The Smiling Faces 😎, and the time and the effort that they took out of everyday living to make this a , HAPPY THANKSGIVING !!! to YOU and YOURS = From KEITH BARBOUR 😎 ORIGINAL POEM by KEITH BARBOUR…© 9/17/2018


FORGIVENESS – Sometimes it can be a hard thing to do, especially when a loved one deceives you , and all you’ve been was true . FORGIVENESS – Sometimes it can be a hard thing to do , especially when a loved one smiles in your face , but actually hates on you. FORGIVENESS – Sometimes it can be a hard thing to do , especially when a loved one cheats on you , and you know being spiteful and vengeful just won’t do . FORGIVENESS – Sometimes it can be a hard thing to do , especially when a loved one abandons you , and you have no where to go and don’t know what to do . FORGIVENESS – Sometimes it can be a hard thing to do , but !!! being FORGIVING is what WE MUST DO !!! because we’re not perfect and we’re flawed too , and with GODS good grace and mercy HE will always have FORGIVENESS for YOU 😎. ORIGINAL POEM by KEITH BARBOUR. © 6/2/2018 5pm


My LIFE is my DESTINY , because without life what would Destiny be ??? Every moment brings me closer to my destiny , and every moment that passed , is history .


Is living life’s experiences as they connects with me , from the choices that I choose to be , as they suits me , at Pacific times of my life , which is right for me .


Dwells inside of me , and it will continue on , until my soul leaves my body , and even after that , if it takes an eternity , to live and rest in peace ( HEAVENLY )

ORIGINAL POEM by. KEITH BARBOUR © 5/27/2018. 10:52. pm

Red MOON in the BLACK of Night

Shines blood bright , dripping on the nights twilights , as shooting stars illuminates the night dark Abyss , leaving a red mist , over all of this that exist .


Creates a scenery that’s full of fright , but not for the nocturnal creatures that loves to bite , crawl and prowl , creep and howl, and devour everything whether it’s alive or fowl.

Red MOON in the BLACK of NIGHT.

When I look out my window I get hyped , estatic and deranged , when there’s a red moon out at night , I start to feel very strange , and my blood starts to curdle and grows thick in my veins , and the thoughts that runs through my brain are insane , as hair starts to grow down my back like a lion’s mane , and my composure and character gets hard to maintain , so no need to complain , as I try to sustain , the nocturnal parlous feelings that are not plain .



Storms = From the first day I was born , it was a torrential storm , wave after wave it was disturbances going on , the winds were whipping and the storms were kicking , up dust and the visibility was so low that you couldn’t even focus , telephone lines were down all over town , and everybody was on lockdown . STORMS = My birth was anything but the norm , from the First Sunlight until the dawn , from the moment I open my eyes and yarn , wet and cold from the thunderstorms , I knew My Lifestyle would be torn , between the Thunder and lightning and the snow storms , hurricanes and blizzards made my skin thick like a lizard , so I adapted to the stormy lifestyle , and after a while, I realized how blessed I’m , in order to realize your blessings you have to go through some STORMS . ORIGINAL POEM by KEITH BARBOUR …


My purpose – For a long time I didn’t know what it was , so I had to sit back and really indulge , in my life experiences , and as I pondered the precious moments , and the vicious attacks , of people that I thought were my family and friends , whom lie to my face and stabbed me in my back , that phrase (blood is thicker than water) is played out and wacked , you can’t depend on man anymore , so open up your heart and let ( JESUS) through the door .

MY PURPOSE – Once ( JESUS) is in a new life can begin , but first let me take you back , to when I realize my lifestyle and my life was under a vicious attack , you know when you’re up and everything is going good , and you come outside and everyone is smiling greeting you and saying you’re the man in the hood , wearing the latest clothes and smelling good , and taking women out to eat the finest food , you got a good job nice car and gold like Mr T , everybody want to be my friend and around me .

MY PURPOSE – But when the up is down , nobody is around , No hugs no smiles no love to be found , and that’s when I realized they didn’t love me at all , to see their true colors I had to take a fall !!!

MY PURPOSE – Is my (testimony) because my ( LORD) will never leave me lonely , when everyone else disappeared and Faded away , my( LORD) was steadfast and carry me everyday , and kept me safe through the cold lonely nights , because I know some people that walks their pitbulls at night and they love to bite .

MY PURPOSE -Is to tell how good ( GOD) really is , HE loves you unconditionally , material things Foods and fine wine , that’s not what’s on his mind , what HE loves is your heart and soul , that’s more precious to HIM than silver and gold , because we are HIS children to love and behold , HE has brought me through some difficult times , once I was being robbed with a gun pointed to my mind , this is something that I must mention ,but the gun didn’t go off – because of HIS divine intervention , and in a brief moment HE showed me what might have been if HE didn’t step in .

MY PURPOSE – Is to tell how good ( GOD) really is , HE knows we’re flawed and are not perfect , that’s why HE invented prayers because we are worth it , I can go on but I guess you get my drift , I just need you to know that my ( LORD) is not a myth , HE is our savior a blessing. and a gift , and to be in HIS favor. , that’s something you don’t want to miss , so when times are hard and when times are good keep praying to the ( LORD) as you should . ORIGINAL POEM by KEITH BARBOUR…